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Still Spirits Triple Pack - Turbo Yeast PURE, Turbo Carbon and Turbo Clear (Pack of 10)

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NOTE: Still Spirits Turbo Clear will not perform correctly if frozen. Please take current weather conditions into account when purchasing and ship at your own risk.

  • 10 x Turbo Yeast PURE
  • 10 x Turbo Carbon 
  • 10 x Turbo Clear.

Previously named Triple Distilled Turbo, now rebranded as PURE. Turbo Pure should be used when you want the highest quality. Formulated to be used with 7 kg of dextrose sugar. This is a revolutionary breakthrough in Turbo Yeast development making it possible to produce “triple distilled” quality alcohol.

  • TURBO CARBON: Essential for removing impurities during fermentation. It has a unique activated internal pore structure which removes impurities that are not taken out by post distillation filtration
  • TURBO CLEAR: Within 24 hours Turbo Clear removes over 90% of the yeast and other unwanted compounds from the wash. Without Turbo Clear, yeast cells will break open during boiling introducing off flavour and smells such as sulphur.

Get all these fermentation essentials in this special triple-saver pack edition.

It is HIGHLY recommended to pair all Turbo Yeast selections with Turbo Carbon and Turbo Clear to significantly improve the quality of your finished product

    Only use where air temperature (between 18–24°C) can be maintained.