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Spike | The Spike Mill Home Table

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A Mill this good looking needs something just as slick to sit on. Available in two sizes, the Spike Mill Table is meant to be a standout staple in your home or pro brewing space. Made out of 304 stainless steel, the table has extra reinforced bracing, built-in mounting holes and an integrated polyester cloth dust chute so cleanup is kept to a minimum and all your crushed grain makes it into the mash, not on the floor. 

Bucket not included.

Mill sold separately.

The Spike Mill Table is designed to hold your mill in place while providing room underneath to catch your milled grain in the container of your choice. The built-in dust chute ensures that your Brew Day milling cleanup is quick and efficient. Need to rearrange? Casters can be added to both the Home and Pro mill for quick maneuvers. 


  • 304 stainless steel 
  • 19" tall x 21" wide x 21" deep 
  •  Extra reinforced bracing 
  • Built-in mounting holes and hardware
  • Integrated polyester cloth dust chute 
  • Adjustable leveling feet included (casters available)
  • Adjusts to fit the height of most standard bucket sizes 
  • Designed for the Home Mill