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Spike | The Spike Mill Bucket Adapter

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When it comes to mill mounting solutions, the 5-gallon bucket is tried and true. And because we know 90% of homebrewers out there use the bucket, we decided to make life a little easier and way less dusty for you. The Spike Mill Bucket Adapter helps your mill stay stable and locks dust inside the bucket where it belongs. 

Bucket not included. 

Mill sold separately. 

Designed to fit most 5 and 6.5-gallon buckets, the NEW Spike Mill Bucket Adapter not only helps your mill stay stable during milling into the bucket of your choice, it also locks dust inside the bucket. The clear polycarbonate design ensures that you know exactly when your bucket is full. 

*Specifically designed to fit the Home version.


  • Clear, polycarbonate construction 
  • Built-in mounting holes and hardware 
  • Fits most 5 and 6.5-gallon buckets 
  • Foam rim gasket to seal dust inside 
  • Easy to remove 
  • Easy to clean