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Spike Brewing | Solo Brew Table

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Bring your Brew Day to you! Well, to your height anyway. The Solo Table is a sturdy, stable stainless steel table that's the perfect height for a flat or bottom drain Solo System, OG kettle or even the new Tank. Complete with a designated space for a wort chiller and Spike Flow. 

*Spike Solo System sold separately. 


 The Solo Table is the ideal size for a brew cart, table, stand or whatever you need it to be! Made of 304 stainless steel, it can hold an OG kettle, Tank, Solo System and even a Flex or Conical if you really wanted to elevate your fermentation style. 

The breakout feature of the table is the recessed drip edge with drain valve. Brewing is messy; the Solo Table makes it less so. 

The table is compact and comes with adjustable leveling feet. You can also attach casters to move it around easily. There's built in mounts four our NEW counterflow Wort Chiller (coming soon) and the Spike Flow brew pump. So all in all, it's the perfect table for your brewing setup. 


  • 18" tall x 24" wide x 22" deep  
  • 304 stainless steel
  • Solid MDF reinforcing core
  • Recessed drip edge with valve
  • Mounting for Spike Flow brew pump and Spike Counterflow Chiller
  • Adjustable leveling feet included