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Spike Brewing | Oxygenation Kit

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$85.00 - $165.00
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An oxygenation kit specifically designed for homebrewing. Oxygenate your wort easily and conveniently with a precise amount of oxygen rather than leaving it to chance. 

Note: Tank not included. Red oxygen tank can be found at most hardware/home improvement stores. 


The Spike Oxygenation (O2) Kit was designed to provide homebrewers with a simple solution for oxygenating their wort prior to fermenation; Happy yeast = happy beer! The days of slow or failed fermentations are over, and a giant 10lb oxygen tank is no longer the only solution! The O2 kit is designed to attach to a standard hardware store oxygen tank and will precisely oxygenate your wort to make sure fermenation goes smoothly! With that precise flow control, an oxygen bottle will last up to 2 hours; saving you time and money!


  • Oxygen flow regulator for use with standard red oxygen tank
  • 0-600psi pressure gauge to show tank fill level
  • Tubing & ball-lock fitting adapter to attach to carb stone (sold in +Carb Stone option)