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Beer Line Cleaner - Pipeline Gold Professional Chlorine Free (205L)

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Pipeline Gold Professional: Concentrated Chlorine-Free Beverage System Cleaner


Pipeline Gold Professional is a powerful, chlorine-free beverage dispense system cleaner formulated for professional use. Its advanced blend of surfactants and sequestrants effectively penetrates, emulsifies, and lifts soil and biofilm, leaving lines remarkably clean.

Key Features:

  • Concentrated formula delivers exceptional cleaning power.
  • Chlorine-free and safe for beverage dispensing systems.
  • Ideal for deep cleaning neglected lines and transitioning from flavoured beverages to beer.


  • Size: 205L (drum)
  • Application: Deep cleaning, neglected lines, transitioning between beverages
  • Follow-up: Pipeline 14/Professional for clean line verification
  • Dilution Rate: 5% (500 ml per 10 litres)