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Jockey Box - CO2 Tapping Kit (1 Line)

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If you want to take your Jockey Box cooler to the next level, then a nice jockey box kit is exactly what you need.

Jockey Box kits are sets of various parts and components that may be used to:

  • Safely and securely connect the components of the system to each other
  • Upgrade or modify your current Jockey Box
  • Convert a regular cooler into a beer dispensing jockey box

With our Build Your Own Jockey Box Conversion Kit, you can choose exactly the equipment you need to make a jockey box that best suits you.

This kit designed to dispense 1 style of draft beer out of your keg that will be an ideal solution for outdoor and event use.

Jockey Box Tapping Kit Includes:

  • Primary CO2 Regulator, 60psi, TOF
  • Keg Coupler, D Type
  • Thermoplastic Vinyl Hose, Red PVC Tubing - 4 ft
  • Thermoplastic Vinyl Hose, Clear PVC Tubing - 4 ft
  • Beer washer, hex nut, beer nut, and clamps

Everything you need to connect your jockey box to your keg (except for the CO2 tank)