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Grainfather G70 All Grain Brewing System + Spike Brewing CF15 Conical Fermenter

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*Three Year Warranty Included*

The Grainfather G70 represents the next level in home brewing equipment

For those who are brave, ready to raise the stakes and push new boundaries. This is the true brewing companion.

The G70 has the same Grainfather quality in a 70L capacity with app integration and smart brewing technology. It’s everything needed in one compact package that can be used virtually anywhere.


  • BREW MORE BEER: 60L (16US Gal) into fermenter with up to 7.5% ABV finished beer

  • WIRELESS BREW SESSION CONTROL: Connect your smart controller to the Grainfather App for step-by-step remote controlled brewing

  • GET EXPECTED GRAVITY FROM YOUR GRAINS: A conical base for maximum brewhouse efficiency

  • COLOUR LCD CONTROLLER: Equipped with a magnetic mounting for easy viewing from all angles.

  • GRAINFATHER 3 YEAR WARRANTY: Backed by full support and an extended 3 year warranty.


  • Colour LCD controller screen with magnetic mounting for easy viewing from all angles and manual control

  • Built for big grain bills with 17kg max grain bill

  • Large conical heating element covers 80% of the base surface for maximum heating efficiency, reduced hot spots / scorching and easy cleaning 

  • Integrated slight glass for easy volume readings during sparging

  • Large high efficiency counterflow chiller included for easy, sanitary transfer into your fermenter 

  • New rolled edge mash plates and hop filter for low warping, increased strength and easy set up

  • G70 lifting bracket included for two person lifting or stable winch system lifting for one person

  • Quick connect mash re-circulation hose included for fast brew transfer 

  • Large dual stage hop filter to reduce pump load and blockages

  • Track fermentation using the Grainfather app with Tilt, Plaato and iSpindle integration

  • 3 Year Warranty

Here’s to the brewers who are pushing boundaries and raising the bar. The perfect ½ barrel Smart Brewing System for homebrewers on the verge of their dreams and, commercial breweries who are looking to bring authenticity back to their pilot batches. The Grainfather’s award-winning innovation and quality in a larger capacity with app integration and smart brewing technology. Compatible with our Conical Fermenter and Glycol Chiller for the ultimate advanced brewery setup. Program recipes directly to the G70 Smart Controller and run your brew session from the Grainfather App. When connected to the Grainfather App, you can access a suite of brewing tools, recipes and calculators, which you can take with you wherever you go. 

G70 FAQ’s

Will my filter get blocked up with hops?

We have designed the G70 and the filter so that you do not need to use hop socks or hop spiders and can use as many hops as you like. Please note, you should only be concerned if your recirculation actually stops – not if it slows.

How long should it take to get a decent rolling boil?

It should take 40-60 minutes from sparging.

A tip is to switch the G70 to 99°C while you are doing the sparge to speed up the time it takes to get to the boil. By the time you finish the sparge the G70 should be close to temperature.

What efficiencies can I expect from the G70?

This depends a lot on your grain bill, grain crush and recipe. Our overall testing has yielded efficiencies between 75-85%.

What is the maximum grain bill I can brew with?

The maximum is 17 kg (37 lbs). With a grain bill this size, the key is to add the grain very slowly while stirring to avoid dough balls forming. Because there is more grain, it will also take a bit longer to gelatinize.

Why does my app seem to take a long time to reconnect to the controller (Android only)?

The Android App runs an independent, background program to increase the reliability of the Bluetooth and WiFi reconnection, and the saved data between the controller and the app is maintained. The result is a slightly slower connection time of up to 30 seconds.

What is the minimum grain bill I can brew with?

A minimum of 8kg (17 lbs) with the standard pipework.

We would advise against going lower than 8kg (17 lbs) of grain. The overflow pipework only reaches a certain depth and the top plate is designed to fit into the overflow inlet which sits on the overflow pipework. This means the top plate only goes down as far as the overflow pipework does. As a result, with a smaller amount of grain (less than 8kg (17 lbs)) the top plate will sit a bit higher than the grain bed. You will need to add more water until you see the water reach the top plate. Be sure to record this extra water amount and change your calculation accordingly as you will need to reduce your sparge volume by this amount.

Alternatively, you can use the micro pipework available which is explicitly designed for small grain bills. It would be best if you used the standard calculations when using this pipework.

What is the boil-off rate?

For the G70, the boil-off rate is 4L/hour.

Can I use a winch with my G70 unit?

Yes, the lifting handle is designed to support the use of a winch system to lift the grain basket. Ensure the winch selected can handle a minimum of 80kg and is secured to an overhead beam or appropriate frame.

Why are there no longer silicon seals for the grain plates?

The rolled edge and the high precision of the grain plates eliminate the need for silicon seals to form a tight, secure fit between the grain plates and the grain basket

Is the G70 CIP (clean in place) capable?

Yes, the unit can be cleaned in place using the lower tap and the cleaning filter.

How do I clean the outside of the unit?

Wipe down with a damp cloth.

Why won't my pump start while I’m boiling?

The conical shape of the bottom of the boiler and the sizeable conical heating element provide more significant heat transfer and distribution to the wort during the boil. However, as a result, when hot wort is drawn over the element as it goes to the pump it retains heat and boils in the tube leading to the pump. This can cause an air cavity in the pump, resulting in the pump not starting. However, this only occurs while the wort is boiling and the heating element is on. Turning off the element and restarting the pump will get the pump going again.

For the above reason, when sanitizing the counterflow chiller, we recommend you do so at the end of the boil without active heat from the boiler. Temperatures above 85C are considered to sanitize surfaces. Therefore, running the pump for a minute or two, post-boil will achieve the same result as during the boil.

    Spike Brewing - CF15

    Professional and innovative by design, the Spike Conical Fermenters (CF) provide the highest quality level of fermentation, no matter if you have a full-scale brewery or a space in your garage. Along with the TC100 Temp Control System, you'll have everything you need to Elevate Your Brew Day!

    CF15 Features:

    • 304 stainless steel; 1.2mm (18ga)
    • All sanitary welded ports (no-weldless fittings)
    • All hardware shown here is included!
    • Designed for 5 to 1/2bbl batches
    •      - 18 gal total capacity
    • 15psi working pressure (always use a 15psi pressure relief valve)
    •      - Use for pressure transfers
    •      - Use as a brite tank
    • Etched volume markings
    • 17" wide by 39" tall
    • Fully polished finish

    Lid Features:

    • Stainless band clamp for attaching the lid
    •      - Completely removable lid for easy cleaning
    • 4" TC modular top port
    •      - Allows for hop additions, temp control coil, top sight glass, etc
    • (3) 1.5" TC ports which allow for:  
    Blow Off Port – Dedicated port for an airlock or blow off tube
    Hop Port – Dedicated port for adding hops
    PRV Port – Dedicated port for your pressure relief valve (PRV)


    Body Features:

    • Huge 2" TC bottom dump with butterfly valves (no more stuck yeast dumps)
    • 1.5" TC racking port with butterfly valve
    • 1.5" TC sample valve (for taking gravity readings)
    • 1.5" TC dial thermometer

    Additional conical accessories can be seen HERE