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Grainfather G30 (V3) Complete Equipment Kit with Spike CF5 Conical Fermenter

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The perfect marriage between brewing and fermentation equipment!

This is the ultimate all-grain beer brewing Equipment Kit for the homebrewer looking to brew great beer at home on an all-electric setup.  This package includes everything you will need to brew and ferment your homebrew with the BEST equipment available.

Mash, Sparge, Boil and Chill with the G30v3 Grainfather All-in-One Bluetooth Connect Electric Brewing System

Fermentation might be the most important part of brewing. So many different variables can be manipulated at this stage to give a wide variety of flavour profiles, colour and transparency. Things like proper yeast oxygenation, temperature control and carbonation are not possible on entry level equipment. Spike has developed  product lines that will elevate your fermentation into the Stainless Age.  The CF5 Conical Unitank from Spike Brewing is the perfect size to hold a half batch or up to 6 gallons. 

Grainfather & Equipment for Brewing:

  • Grainfather All-in-one Brewing System
  • Sparge Water Heater
  • Graincoat
  • Hop Spider
  • Whirlpool Paddle
  • Wortometer
  • Rolled Plates
  • GCast
  • Micro Pipework
  • Stainless Brew Paddle
  • Overflow Filter

Spike CF5 Conical Unitank & Accessories:

  • CF5 Conical Unitank
  • TC-100 Heating and Cooling Kit
  • Casters
  • Shorty Leg Extensions
  • All-in-one PRV
  • Oxygenation Kit
  • Carb Stone
  • Pressure Transfer Kit
  • Sample Valve
  • Polycarb Cap
  • Racking Arm

Bottling equipment and CO2 tank/regulator sold separately.

Questions about getting started?  Contact us to make sure you have everything you need for your first brew!