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Fermentis SafTeq™ Blue Dry Tequila Yeast (500 g Brick)

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Saccharomyces cerevisiae specifically selected to ferment blue agave for the production of tequila, supplemented or not with other types of sugars. Its excellent performance in this environment is due to the ability to tolerate toxic substances such as furfural, normally present in agave juice. It has also increased tolerance to osmotic pressure and alcohol and can work in conditions of extreme temperatures.

  • Recommended minimum dosage rate 0.5 g/L.
  • Recommended fermentation temperature: 32°C (89.6°F).


30-40°C (86-104°F) (optimal 32°C (90°F))

Direct pitching (no propagation):

A minimum of 25-50g per hectoliter to achieve an initial viable cell concentration approximately 18-36 billion viable cells per gallon (5-10 million per milliliter) in the fermentation vessel.

Indirect pitching (short propagation):

In state-of-art facilities, exerting strict control over contamination issues, dry yeast can be propagated during a short period (8 hours). The required quantity of yeast is 0.5g per hectoliter should be pitched in a propagation volume equivalent to a tenth or twentieth of the fermentation volume. This process would give around 10 million of initial viable cells per milliliter in fermentation if the whole propagation is transferred.

Rehydration instruction

The yeast should be rehydrated in 5-10 times its weight of sterile water, prior to using in fermentation. This should be done at 35°C (95°F) ± 5C (9°F) for 15-30 minutes to ensure “conditioning” and a perfect homogenization.

During transport: The product can be transported and stored at room temperature for periods of time not exceeding 3 months, without affecting its performance.
At final destination: Store in cool (10°C) and dry conditions.
Do not use soft or damaged sachets.

Refer to best before end date on sachets. 24 months from production date under recommended storage conditions.

% dry weight: 94.0 – 96.5
Living cells at packaging: > 20 x109/gram
Total bacteria*: < 1 x 104/gram
Acetic acid bacteria*: < 1 x 103/gram
Lactobacillus*: < 1 x103/gram