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Brewzilla | 35L Brewzilla V4 + Ultimate Accessory Kit

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This bundle includes all of the extras to help you start brewing easily. 


  • Brewzilla - Electric Homebrew System with Pump (V4)
  • Mash Paddle
  • Hop Spider
  • Neoprene Jacket
  • Whirlpool Arm
  • Hose set for Immersion Chiller
  • 12L Boiler Extender Kit
  • Extended Malt Pipe for G3
  • Recirculation Arm Extension
  • Sight Glass Kit

Brewzilla (RoboBrew): Compact All Grain Home Brewing System

The Brewzilla (RoboBrew) is a compact, single-vessel all-grain home brewing system designed for ease of use. It features a delay timer and step mash functionality for greater control over the brewing process.

110V Compatible (North America)

This model is compatible with standard 110V outlets in North America, eliminating the need for a voltage adapter.

Ideal for Beginners

With a 35L capacity (makes up to 30L batches), it's perfect for beginners looking for a cost-effective way to get started with all-grain brewing.


  • 35L (9.24 gal) capacity
  • RAPT/Wi-Fi connectivity (Gen 4 only)
  • Stainless steel immersion chiller
  • Stainless steel ½" BSP ball valve with ½" OD barb
  • Complete concave draining base for easy wort extraction
  • Improved recirculation arm
  • Easy-access pump for cleaning and maintenance
  • Detachable IEC cable for convenient storage
  • Step mash functionality
  • Stainless steel body
  • Easy-to-use dump handle
  • Interior volume markings
  • Full-colour LCD display

Complete Draining Base

The new base design ensures complete wort extraction without tilting the unit.

False Bottom Pump Protection Screen

This screen eliminates the need for a whirlpool and filters wort, preventing hop and hot break material from clogging the pump, a common issue with other systems.

Ultra-Low Watt Density for Optimal Brewing

The Brewzilla's lower watt density allows for brewing lighter-colored beers without caramelization. It also reduces the risk of boil overs, minimizes scorching on the heating element, and simplifies cleaning, extending the element's lifespan.

RAPT/Wi-Fi Connectivity for Remote Monitoring and Control (Gen 4 Only)

Please note: This feature is only available on the Gen 4 model.

The Gen 4 model connects to the RAPT Portal (, allowing you to track, record, and monitor your brews online. Eliminate handwritten notes, access past brews, control the system remotely for pre-heating water, monitor brewing progress, and receive push notifications for adding hops, starting the boil, and other brewing steps.

The RAPT Brewzilla also lets you create custom brew day profiles tailored to your recipes and preferences. Set alarms or messages for specific actions during the brewing process.

Improved Base Design with Easy-Access Pump

The redesigned base integrates the electronics into a sealed junction box, eliminating the bottom cover. This simplifies pump and plumbing access for reconfiguration (e.g., pump outlet to tap or bypass) and cleaning/maintenance.

RAPT Controller with Full-Color Screen and Improved Ergonomics

The new RAPT controller features a user-friendly, full-colour screen that disconnects for easier cleaning. It mounts higher with a tilting frame for adjustable viewing angles. Firmware updates are available for new features and accessory compatibility. The controller activates the pump, eliminating the need for toggle switches.

The detachable IEC cable allows for neat storage.

Improved Lid Handles

The redesigned lid handles are made from stainless steel for better grip and durability, especially when wet.

Two-Stage Oversized Malt Pipe

The 30% larger malt pipe lets you mash more grain for higher gravity beers or larger batches. It also features a two-stage height adjustment for easier lifting and accommodates smaller batches by raising the pipe halfway.

No Silicone Seal Needed on Malt Pipe

This model does not require a separate silicone seal at the top of the malt pipe.