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Beer Line Cleaner - DESANAMAX Powdered Caustic 2 in 1 Colour Verification (225 X 54g)

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TM Desanamax powdered caustic cleaner is a powerful, highly concentrated, heavy-duty caustic cleaner with colour change technology for all kinds of beverage dispensing systems.


TM Desana Max starts out Purple

When in the lines, it will turn either Green or Yellow depending on the level of contamination.

Yellow  = High Contamination

Green  = Normal Contamination

Purple  = Clean

Draft Beer line cleaning directions:

  • Drain off beer and run solution through the lines
  • Recirculate or let it soak for 10-20 minutes, longer if the line is old or not cleaned regularly
  • Flush cleaning solution from lines with clean water
  • Re-tap and draw rinse water until beer appears

Kegs, Faucets, Valves and Parts Cleaning Directions:

  • Soak in mild cleaning solution for several minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly with clean water