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Barn Owl Malt - Ontario

"We process Ontario grown grains into high quality malts.  Malting is an important step in a grain’s journey to craft beer.  We carefully select our grains from local farmers.  These grains are never mixed, keeping them traceable back to their origin.  We take pride in our malting process, a traditional technique called floor malting.  This is a relatively slow and deliberate process, and we make no effort to speed it along because we know that fast does not always mean better.  Our hands on approach offers us a connection with the grains, allowing us to push each batch to become the best malt we can produce, resulting in distinctly flavourful and aromatic malts.  Each grain stream carries characteristics from inputs such as the variety, the condition of the soil where it took root, and the weather it endured during the growing season.  Our malts have a story and we are proud to share it."

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