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8 Gallon Stainless Steel Brew Kettle (MegaPot) and Burner Kit (Dark Star)

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You've proven yourself as a brewing prodigy. It's time to step up your game and build out your brewhouse.

This kit will take your brewing to the next level. Now available in two options, it includes your choice of Dark Star propane burner and an 8 Gallon Megapot brew kettle. This kettle holds enough to allow you to do a full volume boil on a 5 gallon batch, and the Dark Star® packs the power - over 65,000 BTUs - to get your boil rolling in under 20 minutes.

Brew like the big kids and ditch the dilution! Full volume boils mean you'll be getting better hop utilization, less wort darkening, and less chance of scorching your precious wort which ultimately means better beer in the glass.

Raise your game and don't just make better beer, make more of it. Skyrocket quality and efficiency and start making the most of your brew day.

  1. Original: Recommended for extract beer brewers who are looking to take their brew day out of the kitchen.
  2. Premium. The fully loaded MegaPot with thermometer and valve lets you perfectly dial in  the temperature of your batch to keep your brew day on track. The included kettle ball valve gives you increased flexibility in your brew set up to easily transfer liquid from one vessel to another without having to lift or siphon. We’ve also added our new premium polished stainless steel Dark Star burner giving you the flashiest set up in the neighbourhood. Recommended for brewers who want the ultimate in form and function when they are looking to up their brew day game.